Thursday, 28 May 2015

Syrian nun gives "martyr's bullets" to Lisbon Patriarch

Sister Agnes Mariam de la Croix
The Patriarch of Lisbon was recently given three bullets which were used to kill Christians in Syria.

The bullets were brought by sister Agnes Mariam de la Croix, an outspoken Syrian Melkite nun.

According to the nuns, when jihadists entered the town of Maloula they went house to house. A young Christian lady was hiding with her family in their house and three men were outside to try and protect the home. When the terrorists arrived, she heard them demand that the youngest man declare himself a Muslim. He replied: “I am a Christian, I want to live like a Christian and die a Christian.” He was shot on the spot.

The terrorists then asked the other young man, a cousin of the first, and warned him “look at what happened to him”. He replied that he too wanted to die a Christian, and was subsequently shot.

The third man, an uncle of the first two, didn’t even wait to be asked, he just declared: “I am a Christian, shoot me”. And he was shot.

The woman, who had recently had a dream of Our Lady in which the Blessed Mother handed her three red flowers, then had a vision of Saint Anthony of Padua (born in Lisbon), protecting the rest of the family who, as it turned out, were unharmed.

The bullets used to kill the three Christians were salvaged by the nuns and three of them were now given to the Patriarch of Lisbon, for him to give to the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

Sister Agnes also decries the fact that Christians in the Middle East are afraid to speak up, whereas Muslims in Europe are free to do so.

In this interview, which you can watch here Sister Agnes speaks in French, and the video is subtitled in Portuguese.

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