Monday 6 October 2014

Keeping us smiling…

The Portuguese March For Life took place last Saturday, in Lisbon.

The march led around 2000 people through the streets of the capital to the steps of the parliament building where they were treated to speeches and a couple of performances.

Among those who sang on stage was up and coming artist Ana Stilwell.*

Those of us who are involved with pro-life activities know full well how complicated it can be to get celebrities or artists onboard. Though many agree with our ideals, they are either forbidden by their managers to associate themselves to such a cause, or refuse to perform at pro-life events because they are afraid of hindering their career.

Ana, on the other hand, was quick to accept our invitation. All smiles on stage, she told the crowd that as a mother, currently expecting her third child, she was thrilled to be there.

After performing her hit single “Dibba Dee Doo”, she sang a song which was composed when she found out she was expecting twins. In “Keep you smiling” she asks God how He could think she was capable of being a mother.

Being part English on her mother’s side, Ana is fluent in both English and Portuguese and sings in English. So if you want to support a young pro-life singer, listen to her songs, download them from iTunes, give her a like on Facebook and spread the word! She deserves it.

*Full disclosure, Ana is also a relative of mine.

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